Bundemar is one of the original foundation merino studs in Australia, purchased by Tom and Kate Kirk in 2008 and now relocated to ‘Emrose’, Baldry NSW.

We offer seed stock producing bright, soft wools with lock and skins that drape and comb.

Tom Kirk is a practical sheep breeder, born into a merino breeding family. Upon leaving school he worked as a rouseabout, shearer and woolclasser in the Condobolin district as well as working on the family farm. He became a proficient show shearer and would blade shear show sheep for many merino studs.

His sheep breeding interest developed as he trained under renowned sheep classer, Gordon McMaster as his protege whilst working at Old Cobram Merino Stud as Stud Representative and Client Classer. Tom and Gordon went on to jointly found the Condomar Merino Stud, based on Bundemar bloodlines.

At around 21 years of age, Tom started a professional classing business, which eventually led to him working with John Coy at the Kopp family’s Towalba Merino Stud, Peak Hill. Tom still classes for Gary and Donna Kopp at their Towonga Stud.

Along with his classing run, Tom and his wife, Kate, presently run the Bundemar Stud at Baldry NSW, best known for it’s award winning ewe competition flocks, and a commercial property ‘The Gilgais’ at Condobolin.

Tom also sits on the Australian Wool Innovation’s Wool Industry Consultative Panel as the representative of the Commercial Merino Ewe Competitions Association (CMECA).

2020 Bundemar Ram Sale

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