Bundemar Bare Breech


Bundemar bare breech merino rams 2020 non mulesed

At Bundemar we are aiming to breed the best quality, productive and manageable merino sheep. My view is we should grow wool of the best spinning quality and as much of it as we can, on a balanced dual purposed animal that can thrive in our individual environmental conditions.

Since 2010 we have also targeted and specially selected animals into the ‘Brown-Tag’ Bare Breech family, looking to add a management and marketing advantage to our animals and wool. Our Bare Breech family have developed with exceptionally well-nourished wools and a distinct Bare Strip below the tail and inside the crutch and a Bare scrotum on the rams. To this point sires have not been made available for public sale as, while the Bare Breech is very heritable, long-term wool production is being stabilised.

bare breech merino ram non mulesed Bundemar

The need for a productive bare breech Merino is imperative to further advance the great Merino breed for those looking for a dual-purpose animal, BUT the sheep needs a productive skin to remain profitable in the future market, while adding the Non Mulesed appeal that some end users of our great wool require.

If you are interested in the genetic potential of the ‘Bundemar Bare’ breech family you are welcome to view our open day display on 22 October 2020.

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